Volunteer and Leadership Positions

I am a passionate volunteer for causes I believe in because it is a fantastic way to give back to the community while also building my skillset. This spans back to my Club Days back in High School, to the Student Biotechnology Network in University/early career to countless opportunities here in the San Francisco Bay Area!

In my first iteration of “30 before 30” bucket list, I included “Find a meaningful Board Leadership position”. I wanted to keep on learning and taking on more increasing responsibility. Joining the Science Fair Foundation of BC’s Annual Fun Run Steering Committee proved to be a fun way to combine my love of sports with a mission I could get behind – encouraging kids to pursue careers in Science and Technology.

Since then, my interests have both widened and narrowed on specific themes:

1) Entrepreneurship
2) Health
3) Fashion and Sustainability

Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Sciences (CELS) – Read more here: https://poymeetsworld.com/getting-involved-with-the-life-sciences-entrepreneurship-community-in-san-francisco/

Current Volunteer Leadership Positions (as of March 2019)

* Connections Silicon Valley, Canadian Women’s Entrepreneurship Network “Accellerate” – Connector/ Mentor

* Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Sciences, Director of Marketing

* Femtech Collective, San Francisco Partnerships Lead

* San Francisco Fashion Community Week, Host

* C100 – Canadian Thought Leaders – Growth Summit

If you’re looking to expand your network and build new skills – I encourage everyone to find a cause to volunteer for!