Vancity Business Babes Event: Purpose, Performance and Profit

Having just attended a fun and informative Vancity Business Babes event, I was pretty excited when I got the DM from @vancitybusinessbabes saying I was the winner of their next event ticket giveaway! They gifted me 2 tickets to their event on PURPOSE, PERFORMANCE & PROFIT with guest speaker Sloan Lauinger. I was delighted to invite my friend and Women in Innovation collaborator Maryam.

Maryam was one of my speakers at the original Young Professionals Event I hosted (recaps here) and had previously invited me to participate in the Superhuman conference and I was stoked at the opportunity to attend something else together.

(Maryam and I at Superhuman! Learning about all kinds of new technologies out there to make us more super!)

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Event Description on Vancity Business Babes

(Sloan, Danielle, Sydnee and Nancy of Vancity Business Babes, Photo cred: wonderful.ida)

Join us for our Last morning mingle before the Holidays!

We will together be enjoying a light breakfast, coffee, and an informative inspiring talk with Sloan Lauinger all about Profit, Performance, and Purpose!

Sloan is a Business Coach, consultant and wealth mentor to women entrepreneurs. She shows her clients how to create a life of long-term sustainable financial wealth and emotional freedom by helping them authentically earn an income! Check out more about Sloan here:

Event Recap

Sloan introduced herself by sharing an interesting comment, “People often tell me that they’re surprised that I’m the same offline as I am online!”

This was perfect segue into her topic of finding your purpose, starting with knowing yourself. She asked us all to think about a few things:

  • What did you want to be as a kid?
  • What is your vision of yourself?
  • What do people tell you, you are?

These are helpful questions to answer, to help your goal of being Purposefully Impactfully

Also ask: Who do I want work with? Who I want to make a difference for?

TIP: Performance Factor

Figure out your differentiator. Look for your ideal exchange of time and money.

Value is more than money, it’s also relationships and community. Relationship capital.

  • Ask questions – Never discount opportunities to reach out.
  • Ask for help – More people want to support than you think.

TIP: Decide what profitable looks like to you


Back to the idea of value being more than money (but also relationships) she also added the mindset of how being effective, can be profitable. Make a plan. Work backwards. Ideally for a year.

After Sloan’s presentation, what I really appreciated about the event format, was how Danielle would get the conversation going and stimulate discussion by asking a whole host of questions!

Audience Q & A

(Photo cred: wonderful.ida)

Danielle: How do you know when you’re doing the right thing?
Sloan: When it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you can do it for 15 hours a days. You’re excited to get things done.

Danielle: Tell us more about monthly re-occuring income?
Sloan: I created a digital product. People would ask me for advice on money and where to invest. I got tired of answering and decided to write a book! If you’re a fitness professional, you could write recipes.

Audience Question: In many industries (eg. fitness) people object to costs, how do you address this?
Sloan: You need to do a good job of demonstrating value. Discount product, but not your time.

Audience Question: How long should I continue to make free fitness videos?
Sloan: Keep making them for free, because there will always being someone else doing it for free. It’s fun to create products, but you need a market to sell to. And that’s where email lists come in handy!

I asked a question of my own – I was really intrigued to learn more about affiliate marketing. Sloan kindly offered to connect after the event!


Post Event Networking

Following the presentations, I met a few other woman (including the ones who identified as fellow fitness enthusiasts/professionals!) and we all exchanged contact details (these days, exchanging IG handles is more common than emails or phone numbers!)

Looking forward to staying in touch and seeing what other people took away from the event!

The full video summary is up on the Business Babes website for purchase here.

View their Facebook page to join the community (and this is where I got the photos from their events 🙂

Stay tuned for more events!

If you’re finding these summaries helpful, let me know either in the comments or through a message. I’ll be hosting my next Young Professionals Mingler Tuesday February 6, 2018 – come back soon for details! I wrote a blog post featuring Soul Cycle Extraordinaire Daniela Dib previously, who will be one of the main speakers!

For more fun events and activities for women, check out this new Vancity Gal Pals Meetup Group created by Sarah (@sparkersparks) who has been an avid supporter of the Business Babes events and my Young Professionals Minglers :

Connect with me on IG: @poymeetsworld!


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