Ultimate Frisbee – My First Year in the VUL and Top 10 Reasons to Play

Looking for a fun summer activity? Wanting to try a new sport? I recommend Ultimate Frisbee! Top 10 reasons at the bottom of the post 🙂

I just joined the Vancouver Ultimate League for the first time. “Frisbee is a sport here!?” My Australian roommate asked incredulously. And then she laughed. A lot.

Let me tell you this: it is a killer cardio work-out and I know it will help with improving my running and Grouse Grind goals! In Ultimate Frisbee, you’re constantly running around like a crazy person – sprinting to the end zone to catch the disc and score a point, guarding your opponent as they try to dash away from you and making cuts to be strategic in your game play. Whew!

ultimate frisbee team(The 2014 Huckin’ Canucks – sweet t- shirts!)


My SFU Intramurals Days…

I’ve played before and I’m not sure what took me so long to get back into it!! I first created an Ultimate Frisbee Intramural Team with SFU Rec.  8 years ago (Ultimate has been around a long time!!) I had never organized a sports team before, let alone play ultimate Frisbee, but wanted to try something new. I wasn’t going to make an intramural basketball or soccer team, because let’s face it, the people who play those sports have often been honing their skills for years. Frisbee on the other hand… I thought,  let’s all learn this together! Luckily I had some good friends who wanted an excuse to run around in the sun after class so our team was born! Team “Throws Like a Girl!!”

SFU frisbee game catch
(Jumping for the disc – what a cool lookin’ sport 😉

To prepare for our first game, I drew a map in paintshop to the park near my house where we could throw the disc. A couple friends came all the way from Surrey which was pretty awesome!

There were only 5 teams total in the league. A teammate nicknamed us Team Compton en route to our first game because we were mismatched and unsure of what we were doing. But we got better as the Summer progressed and had a lot of friends and classmates come out to cheer us on with words of encouragement!

SFU frisbee game time
(Playing on the SFU Turf Field – Elite track athletes would be practicing right next to us haha)

“Wave your armpits in their face!” was one of the defensive cheers  I received on the field. Not that I’m encouraging that kind of strange behavior, of course, the VUL promotes good sportsmanship and spirit 🙂

SFU life of a champ 
(SFU Ultimate Frisbee 2008 Intramural Champions! Posing with our EAT.SLEEP.WIN t-shirts and trophy. I’m not sure why I am the only girl in this photo…)

Lifting Spirits with Ultimate Frisbee

We all know that physical activity and exercise boosts your mood – yeah endorphins! I’m a fan of those! But the VUL takes friendly competition and cooperation to a new level.

(Four different teams in one picture!)

After my first game the other team walked over and gave me this:

A Spirit Tie!


From the VUL Website: “We want to recognize and reward the league’s most spirited players! “

I was so surprised and touched when they gave me this saying that several people on the other team commented that I was friendly to play against. LOL. I think it’s because I talk a lot while on the field and yell constantly from the sidelines.

I was told there is an ongoing contest throughout the Summer where you submit a photo of yourself with this tie, and then submit it to the Facebook Page to win prizes. Love the concept!

My Favourite Things About Ultimate Frisbee; Top 10 Reasons to Play:

1) Fun, social activity

2) Great exercise!

3) You run a lot

4) Normally running is boring

5) But now you have a reason to sprint!

6) Awesome, friendly people play this sport

7) You’re outside in the Sun

8) Promotes good sportsmanship! Spirit Tie!

9) You can improve pretty quickly – bring a disc to the park or beach to play for a bit…Or attend a VUL clinic! I’m doing that this Saturday at Jericho

10) BBQ at the END!!! Well, on my team anyways. Thanks Clem 🙂


(Natalie and Ryan preparing the Tandoori Chicken.. mmm – we’re high class, no hot dogs here)



(Well deserved BBQ.. smells amazing while we’re out there on the field)

Looking forward to regular Ultimate Frisbee games this summer with the Huckin’ Canucks!

Questions? Tips to share? Please post below!

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