Taking Advantage of Birthday Perks

My birthday is coming up and in the spirit of sharing good deals and life hacks, I’m going to post a crowdsourced list of free stuff you can get on your birthday – birthday perks!

I’ve been to lots of restaurants that have served up a complimentary dessert and that’s always been a nice bonus! Here’s a collection of other things, like makeup, protein smoothies and rewards points based on what I’ve received in my emails so far. Stay tuned for more!

Disclaimer – only valid until the day after your birthday! So make sure you use it!


Changes every year and I like that you can pick it up early

Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club

I think I’m going to go with the 50 min stretch session!

Asia Miles

Bonus miles! Although, miles are always best redeemed for travel – save them for the good stuff like upgrades!

Indigo Books

$5 worth of points


500 bonus poins – goes towards a free movie ticket! Also lasts the whole month. Who’s seen some good movies recently?

Body Energy Club

Free Protein Smoothie. Ahhh gotta love that peanut butter monkey! I like this deal because you get something immediately for free (like the Starbucks and Sephora) AND you have a whole month to use it!

Okay readers, what else do you have?

I’ll update as I hear from friends via social media 🙂



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