Saying YES! to Spring Skiing in Whistler

My hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia is internationally recognized as an outdoor paradise and nature’s playground since you can ski in the alpine and hang out on the beach all in ONE DAY! Yesterday was a perfect example of being able to enjoy sunny skies, fresh snow, and sparkling waterfront in the span of several hours.

(Nancy and I feeling like a couple of winners on top of the world 🙂

It was so much fun and when I thanked my friend Nancy for inviting me and driving us, she said,  “I didn’t actually think you were going to say yes”!

This got me thinking about The Jim Carrey movie, which had a lot of potential, called YES MAN.  Spoiler alert: The basic premise was Jim Carrey’s character being at a standstill in his life, avoiding his best friend and spending his spare time watching DVDs. One day, he attends a workshop about saying “YES” to life and overcoming negativity. Jim Carrey interprets this literally as “saying yes” to everything that’s asked of him, and he gets out of his rut because of this.

Actually, I was going to say no since I had plans for Saturday. I’m an Assistant Captain again this year for an Ultimate Frisbee team and there was a free workshop I was planning to attend.

I get a message from Chad on Friday: You want to go to Whistler this Saturday with me and a friend?

Me: Sorry I have plans – Have fun!

An hour later, Nancy contacts me: Are you interested in going to Whistler tomorrow? It’s snowing and going to be sunny.

I was about to say, “No I can’t, I have this workshop”, but then I thought: Hmm, two separate people have brought this up. Maybe tomorrow really is going to be epic!! Well, I can go to other Ultimate Frisbee workshops! Plus it’s not like I’m bailing on a practice with my team – OK I should go!!

I was a YES WOMAN!

Packing some breakfast on the go:

Screenshot 2015-04-26 07.15.23

Sunny skies driving along the scenic Sea to Sky Highway on the way to Whistler 🙂

Beautiful drive 1 1/2 hour drive with gorgeous views everywhere. Car rides are the best for catching up.


We got there just as the lifts were opening up at 10:00 am – look at those trees with their fresh dusting of snow and the nonexistent line!


Fancy Nancy!


The mountain is ours!!


This is heaven.


Oh hey, we found some friends!


So after I had already told Chad that I couldn’t go, but then had the subsequent conversation with Nancy, I messaged him back to say that I was going after all, haha!

The fact that TWO people brought up Whistler plans triggered something in my brain that went, “There must be something they know..”, and that’s when I googled ski conditions for myself. I had planned to call Chad when I got up to the mountain but lo and behold, he got off on the gondola right behind me.

The forecast said the Peak was -7 degrees but by 11:00 am and after a few runs, we were all feeling pretty warm and ready to take off some layers and open those venting zippers.


A day in Whistler makes me feel like I did something big with my day and that I went somewhere amazing. There’s a good reason why Whistler consistently tops the world rankings of ski and snowboard resorts – you really feel the power of nature, and you feel a bit small in this vast landscape!


I’ve been coming to Whistler for over 10 years and I never tire of this view.

The other thing I look forward to about Whistler trips: the fries!!

They must double-deep fry it in beef-fat because the flavour and crispiness of the fries is extra-delicious. Chad and James kept raving about Chili Cheese Fries, so we ordered 5!


Carb-loading! They skimped on the chili though:


Since Whistler was one of the host venues of the 2010 Winter Olympic games, there are still many relics around.


Look at this beautiful couple and their wedding photo – the sun was coming in and out, but those clouds are going to make their photos look SO dramatic. I love this.


Back at the Peak of Whistler!


Running into more friends of friends, who all have accents and also, very colourful pants.

20150425_whistler17 20150425_whistler18

That’s the Roundhouse Lodge below where we had lunch.

In the Winter, there’s something called “Fresh Tracks” where you can buy tickets for $20 and come here for breakfast way before the lifts open to the public. You then fill up on all-you-can-eat breakfast and once the mountain has been cleared for avalanches, they sound a horn that signals you’re ready to hit the slopes – before everyone else!

I see a lot of tourists that take the gondola up just for the views up here, too.


So much terrain and beyond.


At this time of year, downloading is mandatory. Here we are at the end of day having a nice long run from the very peak of the mountain to this mid-station.

In the full regular season, you could take a super long run all the way to the bottom “Peak to Creek”.

20150425_whistler22 20150425_whistler23


20150425_whistler24 20150425_whistler25

Admittedly, this was a poor snow year for Vancouver and Whistler, but that means no one was around for Spring skiing and we got the gondola all to ourselves!


Another favourite related activity:

Après-ski! A french term meaning any post-skiing activity involving entertainment. There are lots of patios to enjoy a beverage or fondue. My favourite activity would be relaxing in a hot tub, but I can only do that if it’s an over night trip and we’ve rented a condo.

On renting a condo:

I love the website Altavista for renting out a reasonably priced condo for a group of friends to stay. My BFF Alison introduced me this! I’m feeling pretty lucky that I’ve been able to do so many trips here over the years.  It’s such an easy getaway from the city and given all the international visitors here, it really feels like you’ve gone a mini-escape.

This is Dusty’s Bar – You can’t even see the Peak (where we were earlier) from here!


Full sun for our drive home.

British Columbia is beautiful!!!


I’ve probably gone on 20 overnight trips to Whistler (and kind of wishing I did on this particular weekend!), but given that, if anyone wants trip-planning tips or advice, comment below!

I had a few friends notice my instagram post and ask me about conditions – well, they were perfect! You really could not ask more, especially for this time of year at the end of April!!

Does anyone want to go next week 🙂  ??


Whistler is open 10 am – 4 pm until May 18th.

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