Ride at Soul Cycle – It’s Cheaper than Therapy!!

At $30 a ride, it’s easy to balk and write that off as being crazy expensive for a workout. Trust me, I had that same incredulous reaction at first too! But now, I’ve learned that it is so much more than a workout. Signing up for a class is about about making time for yourself to transform and leave a stronger person. I consider Soul Cycle to be a combination of: part exercise + dance club + dose of motivational messages and ultimately growth + healing.

Luckily for me, as I way to get comfortable with this seemingly high price tag, a good friend Ramon invited me to try a complimentary class his friend Daniela was leading. Luckily for YOU, SOULCYCLE has been an amazing supporter of my Young Professional events on Personal Development + Healthy Habits and offers all attendees a voucher to try a complimentary class!

Read about previous events here, and register for the Feb. 6th event!

Hear Daniela speak at this event!


Let’s start with some background – I’ve been skeptical of spin classes for a long time.

I ride my bike anyways to work (Thank you insane bobybuilding prep that forced me to bike to work!!).  All my good friends know that I love a good deal and am pretty thrifty with my money.

BUT this is SO much more than just getting on a bike and riding.

The instructor whose classes I attend, Daniela, is the personification of inspiration and bad-ass! She has made my friend Maryam and I both legit cry in class with raw emotion. The combination of giving it all on your bike, while hearing mantras to take charge of your life is truly powerful. Oh, and you ride in a COMPLETELY DARK room, so no worries that people might see you sweat, struggle and get a little teary.

“All those uncomfortable moments define you – that’s when you truly grow”

I’ve been on several rides now and I can honestly say each experience has been unique. This may sound surprising, but I feel like each class has been tailored to me, and my specific life situation.

On one particular day, I was struggling hard between who I wanted to be (become more minimalist) and who I naturally am (I’m not a hoarder, but I hold on to a lot of clothes and personal items), Daniela said to us:

“When you look back at the best parts of your year, was it because of something you owned? Or was it because of your friends and relationships?”

That hit me hard!

I realized that the material things I hold onto, well, I just hold onto them out of habit. I really don’t need that dress or book anymore. I should give it away to other people who could appreciate it more. I also got creative and came up with this life hack to stuff old clothes and towels into a Morrocan Pouf haha!

Sometimes the words Daniela shares are the same, but how we choose to receive them can mean different things to different people.

“You walked in that door today, not the leave the same person! But to leave a STRONGER version of yourself. Mentally and Physically!”

When you are pushing and grinding on that bike, with sweat all over your body (that again, no one can see because it’s DARK), a little inspirational nudge can go a long way.

“Turn the wheel up! Increase the resistance. Say NO to excuses! Say YES to opportunity!”

My friends and family have heard me repeat that line countless times now.

I use this in so many different situations:

  • That beast of a hill up to UBC? Opportunity! I get a chance to really push hard and exercise!
  • A family member is saying the same repeated annoying message? Opportunity! I get to practice patience.
  • Having a disagreement with a good friend? Opportunity! We get to learn more about each other and how to prevent this in the future.

Maryam and I have our ritual of catching up over our personal lives, going to Soul Cycle, and then grabbing coffee/lunch to brainstorm business ideas and projects. We also reflect on our class and how it affected us.

Last week, she shared a few of her thoughts: Today was about power. Not forgetting our power. All the highs, tap into that. Last time I felt limitless. Love being the in the presence of people who are powerful and want to see you grow.

MORE of my Favourite Daniela Quotes:

“It’s okay to follow new dreams. It’s okay to let go of things that no longer serve you.”

“Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Be a victor!”

Share some of your favourite Soul Cycle experiences with me! Or better yet, come attend my mingler, HEAR from Daniela herself!!!

And then? Come to one of her classes.

My Winter Personal Development Event Recap with Daniela’s transcript:

More speakers to be announced!

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