Beijing City Walks and Provocative Modern Art Mall

Since pictures speak louder than words – see below for a sense of provocative art on display at this luxury mall in Beijing: this sculpture marked the middle of the revolving door entrance.

Yes – a grotesque pig with lipstick, high heels and exposed nipples.

Pretty shocking!

I wandered into this modern, high-end, art museum mall on my last day to seek refuge while still taking in new sights. It was so incredibly hot and humid that simply hanging around indoors made the most sense. I took a 25 minute walk to this mall based on a previous recommendation that it was a more accessible version of the Beijing Artzone 798 (which I spent 2 hours walking around – post on that here).

This mall had hundreds and hundreds of sculptures on all levels and I hear they change it up with rotating displays. Being here was a good way to see emerging artists while keeping cool (Traveling to Beijing in May means be prepared for muggy weather!).

These red men were everywhere!

I was on a specific hunt for an Amazing…

Bull Fart Sculpture by Chen Wenling

(Taken from the design inspiration blog): This is the work named “What You see Might Not Be Real” and displayed in a latest art exhibition in a Beijing art gallery. Chinese artist Chen Wenling made it to dig at the global financial crisis. The strong and farting bull represents Wall Street (in Chinese slang, to fart mean to bluff or lie). And the man being shoved into the wall is Bernard Madoff who was sentenced to 150 years in prison because of Ponzi schemer.

I started my art hunt by going up to the top floors and wandering around:


Reminded me of my walks in Paris this past Winter..

The indestructible VW


Then I made it to the bottom floor:

Things may not be as they appear…


I found the giant fart cloud!

Too bad the sculpture was been taken down for repairs. Still, pretty impressive.

More of the surrounding artwork on the very bottom floor:


Obligatory mascot photo with Miga, my travel buddy (Vancouver 2010 olympics)

That’s a stuffed avocado 🙂


Outside the Mall




How to get there:

I walked from the Sanlitun district:

The mall is called Parkview Green

I highly recommend stopping by here to experience some cool, unique artwork in an air-conditioned setting!

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