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January 2019 Update 

Canadian Expat in San Francisco since late Summer 2018!

I am a Business Development and Innovation Partnerships professional, health and wellness advocate and 2x Founder via Social Impact Fashion Startup, LookLab, and my Personal Development Events.

Some of my Volunteer Leadership positions:

* Connections Silicon Valley, Canadian Women’s Entrepreneurship Network “Accellerate” – Connector/ Mentor
* Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Sciences, Director of Marketing
* Femtech Collective, San Francisco Partnerships Lead
* San Francisco Fashion Community Week, Host
* C100 – Canadian Thought Leaders – Growth Summit

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Group of Young Visionaries invited to Tel Aviv University’s All-Access Mission for Entrepreneurs and Innovators. Diverse North American Cohort at Welcome Dinner.

“How do you have time for it all?”

I get asked this a lot! This is usually accompanied with the passing comment, ” Wow, you’re always so busy!”.

Yes it’s true, I am often out and about and I do love to plan events and activities because I get energized from creation and connection. I believe what truly allows me to tackle multiple priorities and projects comes down to this: finding alignment.

Sure, I attend a lot of industry business and networking events from early in the morning to late at night, and there is a solid reason for that! It serves my career goals of meeting potential business partners and also achieves my personal goals of constantly learning and making connections. Some of my most fulfilling moments are when I can facilitate a meaningful introduction for someone and teach them something new.

My Why? And what I aim to share

I enjoy following Tim Ferriss, author of 4-Hour Work Week and Lifestyle Design Blog, and how he interviews the best of the best, from Entrepreneurs and Scientists, to Athletes and Celebrities, to learn habits and strategies for living fully and reaching your potential.

Attending workshops and reading books about living to one’s full potential is simply one small step, so I want to take this process to the next level by sharing my experience and teaching others through this blog. I hope you can learn a few things and of course, please reach out if you have questions or comments!

Highlight Reel of my Favourite Recent Posts

I thrive off of creation – building new programs and partnerships, and enabling meaningful connections for others – be it for business purposes or personal development. I aim to share my journey in this bustling new city of San Francisco that encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and inspires connectivity at every turn! Thanks to my background in Competitive Athletics, I have a honed the drive and discipline to get sh*t done, live my best life and make a positive impact!

Please reach out if you would like to learn more expat life in San Francisco, or to get advice and coaching on how to build your network and live your healthiest life! poymeetsworld [at] gmail [dot] com #LifestyleDesign #PersonalDevelopment


Under this Lifestyle Design category – I will post information and my experience in categories and topics such as :

  • Volunteering
  • Professional and Personal Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Personal Training and Coaching

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