POYmeetsworld hosts her first event – YVR Summer Mingler success

It started as a fleeting thought: why don’t I organize an event (start to finish) entirely on my own? What if I could create a venue to bring together different circles of friends and contacts with a common interest under the same roof? I could have free reign under my own “POYmeetsworld” umbrella, to implement the very kinds of themes I really stand behind!

I made it a goal to create something before the Summer was up and I’m ecstatic that tonight marked the inaugural Summer Mingler POYmeetsworld event with a broad theme of Personal Development and Making New Connections 🙂

I’m going to send out a survey to all 50+ attendees to solicit candid feedback so that I can continue to improve future offerings!

Full house – personal goal of 50+ attendees reached! (Photo credit:Zo ki)

I’ll update this more thoroughly later with what I learned, but first, a favourite message from tonight:

The event was so awesome. I have a bit of a social event phobia as a closet shy person, but the energy was so inviting and welcoming and open. Everything you wanted to be and of course no coincidence because you embody those values.”


Engaged audience (Photo credit:Zo ki)

(Photo credit:Zo ki)


[Update Aug 24th, 2017: Full Update at bottom of page]

This was the EVENT PAGE as per picatic.com/yvrsummermingler that was live for 10 days

FACEBOOK page to view some of the attendees: https://www.facebook.com/events/122729824968656


This casual Summer social will attract passionate people looking to foster new connections, and is for anyone who wants to meet a variety of interesting people in the city and learn something new!

Not just another tech/startup/soloprenuer event!

This is for ambitious people that don’t necessarily plan to create a start-up, but interested in doing something new, and innovative and MORE with their lives. This is for people looking to progress in their own personal journey. Come meet others (artists, technologists, makers, athletes..) in a friendly environment that could help you with your next steps – be it a personal project, career move or simply a new friend. There is power in diversity.

What’s in it for you?

Most people’s default mode of communication is behind a screen – from text-messaging chats with friends to online dating apps. Come out and meet people in person, face to face! Learn some healthy habits and hear success stories from a range of local speakers and then participate in a quick networking game, before having your evening free to mingle! Follow-up event: FREE social activity ($30 value) to keep the inspiration and connections alive, and awesome door prizes to help you with new wellness goals (see below under what’s included).


We all have short attention spans, so each speaker will share a few words of wisdom, leaving ample time for you all to socialize. Don’t worry, they’ll stick around if you want to chat further!

Maryam Mobini Jon Hamilton Poonghi Manickam
Co-founder, to:Resonate The Bachelorette
Wellness Entrepreneur

Maryam: has extensive experience in the startup community where she has been developing a research based wearable device that harnesses the power of sound and music to reduce anxiety effortlessly within 5 minutes. She is a behavioural designer passionately focused on health and well-being by creating tiny positive habits to overcome our inner-critical voice. She believes our anxieties ignite from our negative inner dialogue. Working on to:Resonate has enabled her to work with clients to create headspace to “show up” from a dropped in place and teach techniques overcoming our inner-critical voice. Maryam will share some positive habits that you can put to use right away!

Jon: You may recognize him from last year’s The Bachelorette. Jon wasn’t embarrassed to put himself in the spotlight and take a risk! Jon will share some insights and behind the scenes from his 15 minutes of fame on the popular show. Like: how to make a first impression!

Poonghi: has a colourful career and personal resume! She makes all her own hair and skin care products at home so that they are chemical-free – she her own little apothecary set up at her place! Poonghi is also very outdoorsy and believes in connecting with nature for balance. She also organizes groups hikes – learn some healthy tips and stay tuned to hear about other future events!


5:30: Registration

6:00: Welcome + Speakers

6:15: Networking Game

6:30: Free to Mingle

7:30: Door-prize draw and wrap-up

* Drink, activity and chance to win door-prizes included in the cost of your ticket!

Complimentary activity (covers the cost of your ticket!) to those who act early!

As a way to enhance your personal development and commitment to a 
lifelong journey of improvement, try incorporating new activities, like signing up for SoulCycle ride classes at the newly opened Yaletown location! Bonus, the first 25 people to show up/register will receive a complimentary class ($30 value)! More about SoulCycle: SoulCycle doesn’t just change bodies, it changes lives. With inspirational instructors, candlelight, epic spaces, and rocking music, riders can let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.


Door Prizes:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Beautiful Venue with a gorgeous view!! How’s that for inspiration?

About the organizer:

Hi, I’m Po On 🙂 Multiple hats personally + professionally with a common thread – passionate about growth and development, stepping out of my comfort zone and enabling meaningful connections for others. Studied Biochemistry and Kinesiology in University, and have worked with non-profits, government, academia and industry. In my day job, I build partnerships with cross-sector stakeholders and act as a relationship broker and knowledge mobilizer. Variety of interests from photography, hiking, bodybuilding and almond-croissants. Always striving to make each day count!
What’s next in your journey?




Final numbers:







** Post Event Recap **


The overwhelming response from attendees: “I had fun and I made valuable new connections”, so to me, that was a huge success!

(Photo Cred: @Dhiasnaps)

I’ve been on such a high knowing that attendees left with what I had hoped – feeling welcomed and meeting interesting new contacts. The most validating feedback? People asking “When is your next event?”

I have a wonderful sense of fulfillment knowing that people liked it enough to be asking about a future one!

(Photo Cred: @Dhiasnaps)

I’m also very grateful that I received some constructive criticism, in addition to the largely positive comments. Some people wished there were more people, and that attendees stayed longer.

Others said they appreciated the diversity of the crowd, and the fun prizes that encouraged well-being.

Everyone loved the non-traditional networking games:

  • “I like that there was an activity that involved everyone!”
  • “I liked that people opened up more.”
  • “It was an environment to talk about topics beyond what you do for a living, and more about what gets you excited in life”

Upon arrival, attendees were encouraged to write down their names and passions, rather than business affiliation.

(Photo Cred: @Dhiasnaps)

(Photo Cred: @Dhiasnaps)

(Photo Cred: @Dhiasnaps)

(Photo Cred: @Dhiasnaps)

Thank you to my 2 awesome registration volunteers!!

(Photo Cred: @Dhiasnaps)


People had an array of passions: design, fitness, life and even memes!

I’m grateful to my innovation partners – those whom I bounced ideas off of to create the vision for this. (Read: The value of down time and HACK #5! conversation and innovation friends!).

Hack #5: Conversation partners lead to surprising breakthroughs
In Powers Of Two: Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs, author and essayist, Joshua Shenk, makes the case that the foundation of creativity is social, not individual. The book reviews the academic research on innovation, highlighting creative duos from John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Marie and Pierre Curie to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

And I so appreciate all the friends that believed in this vision sincerely and helped to spread the word.

I know I can keep on improving: other forms of “constructive” feedback was the wish for extended speaking time and the hope that people would stay longer.

(Photo Cred: @Dhiasnaps)


I suppose I can extend future speakers just a tad longer, and save some of the prizes for the end to encourage later participation. I’ll play around with ideas, but I will say this: if people are searching for a pure speakers-only event – go check out some of the other events in town! I want these events to be centered on active engagement and participation – and encouraging future collaborations and connections (ie. Through fun, active prizes!).

Once again, huge thanks to the partners on board: Soul Cycle, to:Resonate, The Hive Climbing Gym and Valhalla Apparel, for being so generous with prizes and embodying what I believe to be key ingredients and services for personal growth!

And thanks to the photographers Zo ki and Dhia for their great captures!

(Announcing door prizes!)

NEXT POYmeetsworld event? FALL Mingler 😀

In the meantime…

Please comment below to add your own suggestions!

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