High Tea with Blogger Friends While on Bodybuilding Prep

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a particular group of new friends through instagram, initially over a shared interest in travel blogging, but it soon developed into much more than that! We would meet in person for brunch and that soon grew into collaborations like photography sessions, tea giveaways and even a High Tea at Secret Garden, which this post is about!

One of the talented artists in our group, Karlie, had previously done an art installation for local Gem, Secret Garden. To celebrate her launch, we were invited for a complimentary High Tea. We all posted about it on our instagram as we were eating! Reminded me of the first time we met in person and we exclaimed, “We’ve met our people!” when everyone took out their phones to document the meal!

Karlie’s Art Installation! Pictured with Emily, Mel, Orla and Yasmine

The Regular High Tea Menu

The real deal, full 3 tiers of decadence

View their full menu online here: https://secretgardentea.com/tea-menu/

My Bodybuilding-friendly Menu

Earl grey tea (no sugar or cream) and a chicken salad (I picked off the topping/mango)

What stood out to me, was the flexibility of the staff to accommodate my bodybuilding diet. More on my bodybuilding journey here: https://poymeetsworld.com/category/active-health/bodybuilding/

Long story short, I have to be very strict when it comes to my diet, but I still wanted to have fun with my friends. By ordering one of their salads with sugar-free, gluten-free dressing, I was able to still meet my nutritional requirements and delight in the delicacies my friends were enjoying through pictures!

Thanks to the Secret Garden Team for treating us so well!

And thanks Karlie for making this happen!

Karlie and I!

From Online Friends to Offline

We chatted over the course of tea on how our friendships have developed beyond just instagram likes and comments, and into “in real life” friendships where we can chat about business goals and travel dreams.

Melissa, Yasmine and Emily
More of Karlie’s Artwork!

In fact, several members have come out to my Young Professional Personal Development Mingler Events (Thanks ladies!!) and even tested out the LookLab service (my next entrepreneurial pursuit – Social Impact Fashion Start-Up!) in addition to sending lots of love!

This is a prime of example of how Social Media can be used for good! Here’s to more friendships that can transcend online/offline boundaries!

The Blogger Group:

Dominika @dominikanova
Karlie @karlierosin
Melissa @melrosaa
Nina @whataboutnina
Orla @travelorlabout
Sarah @sarahh.yoga
Yasmine @westcoastcitygirl
Emily @emilykiloh
Stef @broad_world

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