My Bodybuilding journey is where it all really began: it taught me to step out of my comfort zone to pursue a passion, and showed me that anything is possible through consistent effort! And so, in 2017, I ventured into my own entrepreneurial pursuits!


I am a Business Development and Innovation Partnerships professional, health and wellness advocate and 2x Founder via Social Impact Fashion Startup, LookLab, and my Personal Development Events. I also began to create original content (Food Photography) and with my work published in 2017 and 2018.

Hosting my very first Personal Development event with over 65 attendees!

I thrive off of creation and connection – building new programs and partnerships, and enabling meaningful relationships for others – be it for business purposes or personal development.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area

I moved to San Francisco in 2018 and am fully embracing this innovation and entrepreneurial community.

You can learn about anything and everything here – there are always free events and meet-ups. The culture here is open and inclusive where failures are celebrated! I aim to share my journey in this new environment that encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and inspires connectivity at every turn.

In addition to writing about own experiences, I will also interview others in the Bay Area on entrepreneurship and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset

Highlight Reel of My Favourite Recent Posts:

Announcing my work and dedication to social impact fashion startup LookLab!

Please reach out if you would like to learn more expat life in San Francisco, or to get advice and coaching on how to build your network and live your healthiest life!

Other specialities: Published Photographer and Content Creator (Food Photography, Fitness Training, Fitness and Fashion Modelling).

CONTACT ME poymeetsworld [at] gmail [dot] com #LifestyleDesign #PersonalDevelopment

Top 5 finish in Women’s Competitive Bodybuilding – taught me what us humans are capable of with discipline and consistency! The best part is taking the drive and using it to fuel other pursuits!