Day 2 in Santiago, Chile

Had a great Day 1 and now it was time to explore a bit of downtown before catching an evening flight to Mendoza, Argentina.


  • Visiting the Start-Up Chile Office
  • Walking around downtown
  • Trying local pastries
  • Going to the city centre viewpoint of Santa Lucia
  • Experiencing sunset on the roof

This is the kind of city that would look great in the rain:


Downtown Santiago

View from the Start-up Chile offices:

The walk signs are amusing because there’s actually an animated guy that’s running across the screen!

Saw some buildings and sculptures in the town square.


Took a break for some dessert


We tried a dense chocolate nut cake, a fluffy hazelnut cake (our favourite!) and an orange cake layered with chocolate and cream. My sister who had already spent 3 months here was pleasantly surprised with the dessert so maybe we found a hidden gem 🙂

Santa Lucía Hill

Finally we walked up to the Santa Lucía Hill viewpoint – an old defensive military base. You had to sign in before you entered so my sister signed us in and up we went. Some great views of the city!

There are a lot of statues and fountains scattered around this park.

Cool stairways.

When we descended, we left from a different entrance and noticed a tribute to Neptune:


Nice day of sight seeing and more eating

Perfect 2 days in Santiago. If I had more time, I would have liked to have taken a side trip to the city of Valaspario but given that I would be seeing some other great cities later on in my South American Itinerary, I was more than happy. We made our way back home to catch the sunset on the roof and then off to the airport.


Lesson about cabs

We had Nick negotiate a rate of 15,000 pesos again for us. BUT what we should have done, was confirm with the cab driver as soon as we entered that it was in fact 15,000. Upon arrival at the airport, he said no, its 18,000.Lesson learned that we should confirm prices at the start of the ride!

At the airport, we still had some Chilean money left so we bought some chocolate bars and waited for our flight to Argentina.. 🙂

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