Competitours 2016 – Pre Trip Challenge #2 TEAM MASCOT

Update #2 – For our next pre-trip challenge as part our Amazing-Race travel experience and competition in Europe, Ivy and I had to create a video introducing our team’s mascot!

[Previous update here. Introduction to Competitours 2016 –“Sight-DOING, not just Sight-SEEING”! 11 days, 11 teams – Mystery Itinerary and Surprise Challenges just like the Amazing Race.]

Ivy often travels with her Survivor Bootcamp water bottle, whereas I’ve recently started taking Miga, one of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics mascots, with me on my travels. It was such a unique experience to be part of the Olympics – the thing that stuck with me was how happy everyone was! I would get off work downtown and the streets were filled with smiling people from hundreds of Countries 🙂


Bio on Miga: A mythical sea bear, part killer whale and part spirit bear living off the coast of Vancouver Island. She loves surfing in the summer, especially in Tofino, and snowboard in the winter.

Sumi, the spirit bear, was going on so many adventures with my sister over at after the Winter Olympics, so I wanted give Miga some exposure too.

Sumi at Death Valley, California, during the rare “Super Bloom” event. Only once every 10 years are the conditions just right for these flowers to bloom along the desert.


Some of Miga’s adventures:

Checking out all the monuments in Washington, D.C.


Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia, Turkey


Ancient Ruins at Ephesus


Making friends with other Mascots in Japan (Japan has a LOT of city mascots!)


Taking in the architectural beauty of the Hagia Sophia


Hiking in Hong Kong


Making friends in Antalya


Miga is one lucky sea bear!

But, it had been awhile since she was out. So Ivy came up with the idea to spoof Sarah McLachlan’s SPCA video (We were looking for some inspiration to tug on the heart strings 🙂

Here’s the video below! Stay tuned for the next one – will be updating daily (live where possible) on @poymeetsworld and as much on here and instagram!

Comment below and tell us about YOUR travel mascot!


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