Competitours 2016 – Pre Trip Challenge #1 TEAM NAME

Ivy and I are participating in Competitours 2016 – An Amazing-Race travel experience and competition in Europe! Tagline of “Sight-DOING, not just Sight-SEEING”!

11 days, 11 teams – Mystery Itinerary and Surprise Challenges just like the Amazing Race.

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Fun, Quirky and Unique:
• We push you (gently) out of your comfort zone, so you’ll discover skill sets you never even knew existed.
• Sometimes our challenges are about striving to be ‘the best’. Other times, its just about being the ‘least worst’!

Not Replicable by any other travel company:
• Most of our 16-18 challenges require special arrangements and/or exclusive access, often at under-the-radar locales.

For our first of several Pre-Trip challenges, we’ve been tasked with creating a team name! I was away in Dubai while the challenge was announced, so Ivy and I messaged each other back and forth and she took the reins with filming.

Amazing job Ivy!!

Team: Dirty Aprons!

A snippet of our Team Bio that we shared on the private forum for all the Competitours Contestants

Po On and Ivy of Team Dirty Aprons checking in from Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Ivy and I met 7 years ago at one of those Fitness Bootcamps and became fast friends hitting it off immediately given our shared love for trying new things and enjoying good food. She taught me how to make homemade biscotti which was a wonderful treat after working out 5x/week at 6 am! During that time, I was in a long-distance relationship with my now-husband while him/ my sister pursued their dreams in the Silicon Valley of creating a travel start up community with some Facebook funding. This is also why I connected with Ivy so well – she was running a local business with her husband, while I was living vicariously through my family and their entrepreneurial ambitions!

While Ivy and I made use of Vancouver’s natural outdoor playground by going on hikes in the mountains and experiencing the explosion in the local culinary scene – travel wasn’t something we were able to do much of due to the typical time/money restraints. We both have friends that did the whole back-packing thing around Europe or South East Asia but we didn’t have the same opportunity. Which is why we are SO STOKED and INCREDIBLY excited to finally go on our own European Adventure!!! It’s never too late and we’re thrilled to celebrate our new decade with this experience together!!

We are so delighted to read everyone else’s fascinating bios and very excited to meet each of you and discover together what Steve (Competitours Founder) has in store for all of us!!

Fun Fact: Both Ivy and I have taken gourmet cooking courses at Vancouver’s very own Dirty Apron Cooking School. It makes a fabulous present for a special occasion.

Read more about the two Dirty Apron Cooking classes I treated my newlywed friends to:

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Update July 12th, 2016: We are back! Here’s a very brief summary and video link of our adventures 🙂

11 day Highlight Reel Video Blog Post

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