Bucket List!

The first blog I ever published in 2012 was a Bucket List style blog where I would share my goals related to travel, fitness and adventure, with the overall theme of: Stepping out of my comfort zone!

To teach others that it’s not that scary or intimidating to try new things I would then blog about my experience checking off the list, while also dragging friends with me along the way!

My motto: Embrace new experiences!


Hang-gliding in Rio de Janeiro with World Record Holder! One of the scariest things I have ever done!

As I wrote in my About Me, I am a:

Canadian Expat currently living in San Francisco


And I am excited to share updates on what I learn from my experience in this vibrant, fast-paced innovative city!


My next set of adventures will definitely relate to entrepreneurship and building community!


When I am able to combine my passions and skills, with travel and adventure (like my trip to Tel Aviv) it is the ultimate win-win for me!


Group of Young Visionaries invited to Tel Aviv University’s All-Access Mission for Entrepreneurs and Innovators. Diverse North American Cohort at Welcome Dinner.

Celebrated success of launching social impact fashion startup LookLab with Co-Founder in 2018, and receiving support from local University Incubator (in creative ways). Ultimately, it didn’t have the traditional success of high growth and had to close by the end of the year. However, it was a fantastic learning experience and I made some great friendships and business relationships as a result that I will take with me to the next endeavour!

Highlight of my Bucket List accomplishments

My first Bodybuilding Competition in 2016: Top 5 finish and a defining moment for me. Signing up for the competition forced me to embrace stepping out of my comfort zone! I learned from this experience that consistency is key and that I could accomplish anything I put my heart and mind to!
Food Photography: A chance to combine my passion for photography, design, food and entrepreneurship by creating original content for local healthy meal prep company, 2 Guys with Knives!

Participating in the Amazing Race-style Adventure Tour Competitors where every day was a new surprise activity – we tackled Archery and Power Kites on Day 1 in the Netherlands! Check out my Travel Section for more about this Adventure Tour

My Original List, in no particular order:

1) Complete a 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge
2) Go storm watching
3) Try surfing
4) Learn enough French to be able to carry a decent conversation (Kind of – via multiple trips to France)
5) Throw a dinner party
6) Visit the South Pacific Atolls and stay in a bungalow
7) Go in a hot air balloon (In Cappadocia Turkey!)
8) Go to Africa and Climb Mount Kilimanjaro (or another awesome hike!)
9) Public speaking: Give a toast/speech/ speak on a panel
10) Run a 10 K race in under 1 hour or a 5 K under 27 min
11) Start a blog
12) Take dance lessons
13) Land a 180 jump snowboarding
14) Try Archery
15) Volunteer (on a regular basis); Participate on a Committee/Board
16) Get my Hong Kong Identity Card
17) Paint (artistically and a wall)
18) Hang-gliding – something that gives me the experience of flying (Paragliding, Parasailing next?)
19) See ruins (ie. Angkor Wat)
20) Go ziplining
21) Learn more about wine – discover my favourite
22) Get more serious about photography (buy an SLR and learn to use it. organize/participate in a photoshoot)
23) Go rock climbing (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 honeycomb at the hive) conquer my fear of heights! Via Ferrata (a form of outdoor “climbing”)
24) Play a song on the piano
25) Relearn swimming
26) Buy a house
27) Perform on stage (dance)
28) See more natural wonders of the world (eg. Iguazu Falls)
29) Take my family on vacation/ organize a family trip/reunion – Getting Married and Organizing my Wedding in France fulfilled a lot of this!!
30) Further my education/ professional development

Exploring the tropical and ancient islands of the Seychelles!

Honourable mentions:

31) Do a chin-up, pull-up
32) Win a trophy (Ultimate Frisbee 2008, Field Hockey Champions 2012, 2015:)
Visit as many of Hillman’s Top 100 Wonder’s of The World (eg. Angkor Wat, Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, Mont. St Michel, Forbidden City, Acropolis, Grand Canyon, Rio Panoramic View, Petra, Santorini, Amalfi Coast, Serengeti Migration, Ngorongoro Crater, Cappadocia, Jersusalem Old City)
34) Organize my 10 Year High School Reunion
35) Grouse Grind in < 60, <56 min
36) Celebrate Chinese New Years in China (related to #29 – family trip)
37) 30 Day – No “dessert” Challenge

38) Win a photo contest
39) Get published
40) Bodybuilding Competition

My 2nd Bodybuilding Competition in Spring 2018

Updated 2016 list

(In addition to things I wasn’t able to cross off above)

41) SouthWest US Road Trip (Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, The Wave, Buckskin Gulch)
42) Take my mom on a trip

43) Take a Food and Travel Writing Class  -Submit a query letter and get published
44) Win a video contest
45) Present at a conference

46) Get abs haha!
47) Sleep in a treehouse
48) Sleep under the stars
49) Sleep in an igloo

Updated 2019 List (Mostly Travel)

US-centric since I am based in California

50) SF Sights: Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, Painted Ladies, Cable Car
51) Visit my favourite SF-Based Tech Company Offices (Airbnb, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Apple) (Work with one?)
52) Roadtrip to Big Sur
53) Stay in a Joshua Tree airbnb – watch the stars, climb rocks
54) Visit Salton Sea 
55) Palm Springs (Coachella perhaps?)
56) California beaches (Laguna, Venice beach)
57) Disney! Disneyland AND Disneyworld
58) Wahweep hoodoos (Utah/AZ)
59) Prescot AZ, Watson lake
60) Eat a top restaurant (French Laundry or ?)
61) Napa/Sonoma Wine Tour
62) New Orleans
63) New York City
64) Georgia and South Carolina
65) Boston (Isabella Stuart garden museum looks nice)
66) Hawaii – I can finally try surfing ?!
68) Hike in Yosemite/ Hug a redwood
69) Ninja Warrior Gym

International Travel

70) Cenotes in Mexico
71) Ruins in Tulum
72) Swimming pigs in Bahamas 
73) Uzbeikistan 
74) Ruins at Petra, Jordan
75) Oman
76) Bali – See rice terraces, yes those famous swings, infinity pool at Ubud
77) China – See Giant Pandas, Go to Yunnan terraces, [Take my family on China trip]
78) Vietnam – Halong Bay
79) Thailand – Chang Mai/ Chang Rai, Scuba Dive, Island Hop
80) Burma – See the golden pagoda, Hot Air Balloon over Pagodas, mandalay 
81) Bora Bora
82) Maldives
83) Sloths in Costa Rica
84) Galapagos
85) Trek Machu Picchu, Inca trail
86) Trek Mt Kilimanjaro
87) Go on Safari (Tanzania, Kenya)
88) Namibia – skeleton coast, tent safari 
89) South Africa, Cape Town – silo hotel 
90) Spain – Alhambra Seville
91) Northern lights (combined with ice hotel?)
92) Iceland – Waterfalls and blue lagoon 
93) Isle of Skye – Scotland
94) Take an overnight train (Orient-Express)


Questions about my experience? Comment below! Got a suggestion to add? DM me over at IG: @poymeetsworld