Boat Scavenger Hunt along the Canals of Rotterdam – Day 2 Competitours

Day 2 wasn’t jammed full of as many activities as Day 1, but we sure had a lot of nonstop adventure while in Rotterdam participating in a boat scavenger hunt!

Read my introduction about the Competitours Adventure Tour here

I will be updating this post with MUCH more detail over the next while! Check out the video summary to the live conditions of zipping around by boat:)



Day 1: Rotterdam

Instructed to eat a hearty breakfast!

1 5


Itinerary for the day: Rotterdam and Maastricht, Netherlands

Sloopquest (Boat Scavenger Hunt)
Train to Maastricht (on out own schedule)


9 10 14 18 20


Paired off in teams and went off on our boats (no licence required!):

30 36 33 49

Torrential Rain:


Team regroup and sharing stories:

We had the broken GPS, while another team had an actual broken boat!

59 60 62 64

Train ride to Maastricht:

69 72 75 78 81 84 93 76

How you can do this:


Boat company


Rotterdam – Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre
Maastricht – Townhouse Hotel Maastricht

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