Quotes From Bikram Yoga and Unexpected Dating Advice

I am on week 3 now, of my 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge and I can now recite the dialogue in my head and to my friends.

Common instructor phrases

“Face to your knees – no gaps, like a Japanese ham sandwich!”

“Open your chest like a flower petal blooming”

“Lock your knee, you have no knee, steady as a lamp post!”

“No broken umbrellas!”

” Now get into [insert difficult pose] with your happy smiling face!”

“Lock your knee, lock your knee!”

Despite using the same phrases, each instructor is very unique and different. I love that I get to learn from so many diverse, amazing people.

One teacher last week had some very memorable commentary!

Interesting commentary

“I’m glad there’s so many people today in class..that way I don’t have to demonstrate the poses. Last time I did that, I ripped my shorts”

“Are you dating? looking for a partner? Bring them to Bikram class! And then make them stand in front of you.

“Is he trying the poses? It means he will provide!
Or, is he giving up?”

Most motivating

“I’m more flexible and healthy now than I was at 20”

This was motivating and encouraging, because one of the biggest reasons I want to stick with this challenge and style of yoga is to improve my flexibility. And this is one change I’ve noticed the most.

“Okay, now let’s do sexy pose!”

Just kidding 😉 That last comment was said by my fitness instructor at Steve Nash Fitness World.

Visual exercise: imagine standing up, legs together, knees bent towards your face with your hands on your head as if you were doing a side crunch.

Sexy pose! yes/no?

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