An adventurous day – 6 New Activities on Day 1 of Competitours 2016

Follow along the action packed first day with the video summary of Ivy and I getting to Day 1 in Amsterdam!

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I will be updating this post with MUCH more detail in the next few days! But the video above will best show the awesomeness of the different kites we used, so check it out 🙂

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It was a whirlwind from the moment we began and embarked from YVR Vancouver, Canada. We had several mishaps along the way and weren’t even sure if we would make it in time for the start. It started with Steve, the mastermind behind Competitours, sending a group update that he had missed his connection. Soon after, came the flurry of messages from other teams – “We missed a train! Our plane is grounded!”

On our end? We would have to race off our plane in Manchester to make a tight connection to Amsterdam. Air Transat staff were really helpful (after some tweets!) in getting us moved to the front of the plane to aid us in our race! We definitely didn’t expect to actually have to race across the airport like they do in the real amazing race! We were promised that competitions wouldn’t be based on speed, rather a combination of skills sets to level the playing field.

Well, we had to make it there first!

Day 1: Amsterdam

Went for a short stroll before meeting up the group.


 day1_22 day1_31  

Itinerary for the day: IJmuiden and Rotterdam, Netherlands

Archery tag
Power kiting
Kite fighting
Kite Buggy
Escape Room




Meeting the teams:

Dirty Aprons
Rhapsody Askew
Lost and Late
Artful Dodgers
Fire breathing rubber duckies
Getaway Girls
Nonnie & clyde
Full Throttle




How you can do this:

IJmuiden adventure company

Rotterdam Escape Room




Amsterdam – Old Nickle Hotel
Rotterdam – Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre

Archery Tag exists in Vancouver!

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