Active Health

Thanks to my background in Competitive Athletics, I have a honed the drive and discipline to get shit done, live my best life and make a positive impact by teaching others!

My current sport of choice is Bodybuilding and has received the most hits on this blog! I am grateful to have had this transformative experience, both physically and mentally, and to now share my journey.

Competitive Women’s Bodybuilding

Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic Spring 2018 with other Top 5 Competitors

Some Active Health Highlights

Training friends in Tel Aviv! Really enjoying fitting in fitness while on holidays!

  • 5th Place Bodybuiling 2016, 4th Place 2018. Top 5 finish and advanced to next level of competition.
  • My Bodybuilding Journey and Top 5 Finish11 Lessons on Women’s Bodybuilding – What You Need to Know to Start!
  • My educational background was founded in Science (Biochemistry and Kinesiology degree).
  • Lead Fitness Bootcamps at work and Team Caption of Annual 5K, 10K races 7 years+
  • Trained friends regularly in 2018 
  • Field Hockey Championship 2012, 2015

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about my fitness journey or to get advice and coaching to live your healthiest life!

poymeetsworld [at] gmail [dot] com #LifestyleDesign #PersonalDevelopment

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