About Me

I made a bucket-list style blog a few years ago of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Since I’ve now passed 30, it’s time to build a more sustainable medium. The previous blog combined my passion and openness to trying new things and seeing the world, with an interest in photography and writing, and a deep enthusiasm for building community and encouraging others to join me in adventures of all sizes 🙂


My educational background is in Biochemistry and Kinesiology so I’ll always be very interested in the Life Sciences! Some fun ways I combine those two loves: I played intramural sports throughout university with Chemistry friends, I currently play Ultimate Frisbee and go hiking with science colleagues in drug development and I’m on the Science Fair Foundation BC’s organizing committee for an annual 5K race 😀 Geek for life!

(Pictured below, I got invited to play for the CDRD (Centre for Drug Research and Development)’s social Ultimate Frisbee team – now in my 3rd year! This picture was taken after one of my first games, and I was awarded the “Spirit Tie” from the other team for exemplifying good spirit and sportsmanship!)


I’m passionate about life-long learning so it made sense for me to start my professional career in Life Sciences, and now I spend my day at a top research university, UBC, being a connector and building industry partnerships. I’m a strong supporter of technology and entrepreneurship having supported both my sister and partner through their various projects! For now – my own projects include creating useful and interesting content on this site and the odd passion project – like creating a video on How to Keep Millennials in Vancouver (Our team won the People’s Choice Award and I was interviewed by CBC. Read here for video link – Listen here for 10 min radio interview. One of the highlights of 2016 – blog post on its way!)

My list previously included a variety of things that fit into a few themes like:

Professional Development


Some of my favourite memories over the years include:

Encouraging others to try new sports eg. Running in races, Rock Climbing
Hang-gliding in Rio de Janeiro
My first photoshoot (aka “Now I know why they cry on America’s Next Top Model“!)
Field Hockey Team Championship Winners (2x – truth in the sum greater than its parts:)
Exploring Temple Ruins in Angkor Wat


I absolutely love life – here’s a fun, related video: Discovery Channel: Boom de ya da.. I love the whole world and all it’s craziness..

(Previous Bio – 2012: My30 Before 30 Blog)