A Lazy Day in Argentina

Day 2 in Mendoza, Argentina

We were coming off a packed 1st day in Mendoza, Argentina with horseback riding and wine tasting so it worked out that our 2nd day in Argentina was the national labour day holiday!

Rustic Boutique Hotel

We chose to stay at a rustic boutique hotel called Lares de Chacras in a small town just past Mendoza called Chacras de Coria to simply kick back and and take it easy.

lares de chacras

Going for a jog

Upon arrival, we asked them to suggest a running route so we could go for a run while they prepared our room. They recommended a ~10 K route that felt very safe and quiet; we passed by some local vineyards and backroads before making our way through a tiny dirt path that lead us back to our place.

Small shops in Argentina


Jogged past some unique looking sights including this old, retired train station.
Old train station in Argentina

The accommodation itself was super picturesque and cozy and I’m glad we were able to spend some time just enjoying the local scenery. The rooms were pretty spacious and the staff was very friendly.

Cozy interior

Inside Lares de Chacras
inside lares de chacras
Our room had a large sliding door and we could walk directly outside to the pool.

Relaxing by the pool

Even though it was Autumn, the days were still warm so that we could enjoy some poolside time.

pool lares de chacras

We also lucked out that the one night we stayed there (Wednesday) happened to be BBQ night so we decided to sign up for the BBQ dinner. Before dinner, and after pool time, we walked around town. Everything was closed except an Italian restaurant in a small courtyard. We considered eating there but it was packed.

Small town Argentina

We stopped at the gas station on the way back to buy some local snacks (like alfajores) instead and sat outside on the patio until dinner time. Well – dinner made up for it!


Before dinner, we had a welcome drink on the outdoor patio by the BBQ where our asado meal would be prepared.

Set course BBQ


night time


And now, the food

We picked out some local wine to have with the meal.

Wine at Lares de Chacras

First, we were served different types of sausages:

Eric really liked the sausages so they brought us more 🙂

Next we had meat and grilled veggies

BBQ meat

Dessert was some kind of fruit jelly paired with cheese. This was actually really good together!

Another night in Argentina, another night with a happy, fulfilled stomach 🙂

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