5 Weeks To Go! 10 K Training Program Progress Report

3 weeks into my new program! That means just over 5 weeks to go! I haven’t stuck to the running schedule exactly, but I’ve been doing at least 4/5 of the prescribed runs and a 5th day of activity (ie. snowboarding, rock climbing or dance classes).

I can only imagine that my results would be better if I was strict about my schedule! Regardless, I’m seeing improvements and nothing is more motivating than results.

The first time I did the interval training run day (400 m fast, 400 m recovery jog) I was going at 6.0 mph on the treadmill (incline of 2.0!) and a recovery jog of 4.0 mph. Now, after 3 weeks of my program, I’m doing 6.5 mph and a 5.0 recovery jog. I’m going faster, but it still feels hard and I know I’m pushing myself.

Running apps and tools

Now one thing that I’ve been using that I highly recommend is the Nike running app. There are a lot of apps out there ( such as mapmyrun which kept crashing on me) but I really like how this one colour-codes your run so you can see where you slow down and where you pick up again.


I also like the voice telling you how much time you have left, how far you’ve gone and the positive reinforcement you get at the end! After finishing one of my runs, I hear a voice telling me something like “Hi, this is Ellie Goulding and that was your fastest 5 k yet”. I don’t even know who Ellie Goulding is but I figured she must be someone famous J

Anyone want to be running buddies on the Nike Running app?


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