The Crazy Ways I’ve Kept to my Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge

I am proud to say that I have completed 15 Bikram yoga sessions in 15 days – half way there! And I must admit: they call it a challenge for a reason!

It was on a total whim that I decided, after completing my very first class, that I was going to continue on for at least the next 30 days straight. My first challenge was – uh oh, I’ve already committed to going to Victoria that weekend, how will I continue my session while on the Island?

Well.. that’s what Google is for!

Google has the answer

I was able to find a studio that wasn’t too far from where I was staying and I was prepared to pay for a drop-in fee after mentally justifying that my first month in Vancouver was practically free (sweet Groupon-type offer). So I go onto the Victoria Bikram yoga website and right on the homepage is a colourful banner that reads (from memory): This weekend! Free Open House!

It’s a sign

What a TOTAL SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE that I was meant to do this challenge!

When I showed up, they gave me a free mat and towel rental and provided complimentary apples afterwards.

The encouragement from external forces didn’t stop there

Day 6: I arrived off the Ferry late at night so my regular studio was closed. I found another studio that was open late and even took my same membership.

Day 7: I knew I had to go for a 6:30 am class to make this fit into my schedule. However.. I woke up to fresh snow! Tired but determined, I trekked along to the studio and saw that no one was outside! For a brief moment, I considered going home and retreating back to the comfort of my duvet in case class was cancelled.

Then I noticed that a car was parked outside with two people who were wearing yoga gear. I smiled. They smiled back. And we all waited in the warm car. It turns out that class was on despite the surprise snowfall and we all ended up getting to go to class.

This is the only picture I took on the snowy day – the picture doesn’t convey the full extent of crazy weather patterns of that particular day but the snowflakes are visible.

Day 9: More snow. More 6:30 am classes. I start to notice at this point that the heat doesn’t bother me as much anymore, maybe because it is freezing cold outside!

Day 10: I bring a friend along. He doesn’t realize that you don’t wear socks to class, lol.

Day 14: Another 6:30 am class. This one was tough. I knew going in that my knee was sore but I wanted to stick to this inane schedule!

Day 15: I woke up on this day knowing that I had to do a double -aka 2 classes in 1 day to make up for a missed one a few days before. After feeling a bit disappointed with falling out of postures the day before, I felt a lot stronger and stable for this morning session.

Hatha and Bikram Yoga

Before I signed up for Bikram, I had committed to a Vancouver Corporate Yoga pacakge which arranges for an instructor to come to our office building once a week. Since starting Bikram, I also kept up with these weekly Hatha Yoga sessions because I already payed for it. And if there is one thing I excel at – it’s getting my money’s worth!

So on this particular Tuesday, I did the morning Bikram session, lunch-time Hatha class and then at night? I ran for the bus with my broken umbrella and made it to the night class so I could complete 15 sessions in 15 days.

I was asked at work if I’ve had high days and low days. The answer is a big YES and I really felt the difference between day 14 and 15. I felt tired and a bit clumsy on Day 14 but on the 15th, I felt like a rock star! It goes to show that if you stick to something and don’t give up- the big rewards will come!


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