2 Guys with Knives – Local Healthy Meal Prep Delivery

So what’s up with these 2 Guys and their Knives?

That’s what a good friend (Andrea! And some others) asked after seeing a few of their items on my social media !!

Watch this short intro video to learn a bit more about them … and then read on below 🙂


Well, several events collided leading to their continued presence in my life:

1) I was fortunate to have them as one of the partners for my Young Professionals Series on Healthy Habits and Personal Development

(recap up here: https://poymeetsworld.com/fall-mingler-recap/) where guest speakers from Meducated, a former NHL Vancouver Canucks Pro and recent Top Place Figure Competitor spoke about their heath and wellness journeys and what fuels them! Since the intent of my event (arming the audience with tangible tips) aligned so well with 2 Guys with Knives and their meal prep solution for busy professionals, I was delighted to have them on board to donate a door prize! Jennifer (Athlete and Figure Pro) spoke about the importance of meal prep in her speech so was very supportive of this prize!

2) I introduced my new friend, VR Extraordinare Melissa, to them so that they could partner with her on her final VR Community event of the year

She wanted to offer some healthy alternatives to her VR celebration cake and after noticing my posts about 2 Guys with Knives, reached out and ordered 2 types of delicious vegan protein bites! The 2 Guys with Knives team were also very generous to donate a door prize to cover a week’s worth of meals!

3) My partner has been ordering their healthy (gluten-free, dairy-free, whole-food) ready to eat meals for the past year.

I’ve been intrigued by the constant variety of creative dishes that boasts some stellar macro-nutrient profiles. Each dish includes a hearty serving of protein, some vegetables and a good amount of gluten-free carbs. I love how it fits our health and lifestyle goals while still tasting amazing – we’re both passionate foodies who love to eat and cook so trust me when I say these meals are great –  our standards are pretty high!

I am an enthusiastic hobbyist photographer and love documenting my food creations.

I used to spend time every week baking all kinds of sinful delights (some of them here on my food page). Since adopting a healthier lifestyle (part of my bodybuilding journey and fitness competition prep) that included throwing out ALL of my baking ingredients, I have missed the creative aspect of arranging food and props and taking beautiful and appetizing photos. How could I combine my passion for healthy eating and food photograph? Enter 2 Guys with Knives and their interest in working together on new photography! I’m so grateful for the shout-outs on their IG (@2guyswithknives) when they feature some of my photos!


The team over at 2 Guys with Knives – Patrick, Sergio and Emmanuel  – combined, are the definition of rockstars in customer service

and I’m super inspired by their dedication to their vision to create easy solutions for health-conscious, busy people! Eric used to share some of the communication between their team and him when it came to weekly orders, and they were so friendly and down-to-earth! I hope to have them out at a future Young Professionals event so they can share their story with others!



How it works:

1. Go over to 2 Guys with Knives and sign up for an account to order weekly deliveries (3, 5, 7 or more items! Price goes down as your order more).

2. New menu weekly so you never get bored! However, there are a few classics that remain the same every week, like their fantastic salads! You can also work with them on some customization.

3. Order by Thursday, for Sunday or Monday Delivery (free delivery included – talk about a HUGE time saver for busy professionals!!).

4. Container of goodies arrive, and then you put away in the fridge until you’re ready to eat!



Mighty Kale & Romaine Cesare Salad – our creamy dairy free Cesare dressing (lemon juice, dijon, garlic, soft tofu, nutritional yeast, avocado oil, spices), tossed with grilled chicken, crisp romaine, kale and oven roasted turkey bacon topped with walnut-hemp parmesan (walnuts, hemp seeds, garlic, nutritional yeast) & turmeric spiced crispy chickpea croutons (chickpeas, turmeric, paprika, black pepper, coconut oil)

calories 494 / protein 55g / carbs 28g / fat 18g / fiber 12g


They also make a new dessert every week with natural, nutrient-dense foods (like nuts!) and is free of added artificial sugars (ie. sweetened with dates).

AHH I get to photograph healthy meals AND “desserts”?

Here are some of my favourite dishes!

Mmmmm Protein

I loved this chicken dish with yams and green beans – getting pretty close to my bodybuilding macros!

First time I had overnight oats and it was super tasty!

Chicken never gets boring with these guys!

Paleo snack boxes! I brought these on my flight – sure beats plane food.

Mmm, pulled beef.

Let me know what you end up trying when you order from them.

I mentioned in my last post about prepping for bodybuilding, just how important nutrition is, and I’m excited to continue to collaborate with these guys and their knives for the next stage in my fitness journey!

Next fitness goal? Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic – March 24, 2018!

This will be the woman to beat (my show from Fall 2016)


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