Sun Run 10 K 2013 – Progress and a New Training Program

After 1 month out of commission with a sprained ankle from a very embarrassing injury, I’m back on the running wagon! With so many ankle injuries over the last few years, I really wanted to take my time and properly rehabilitate so I went for a few physiotherapy sessions and tried to be as diligent as possible about doing my prescribed exercises. I got a lot of strange looks at the gym (“Are you doing a Science experiment?!”) but I kept to it a few times a week.

With just over 8 weeks to go until the April 21st, Sun Run 2013 race date, I researched a training program that’s geared towards improving your 10 K race time. Sounds good to me!

10K Training Schedule for Intermediate Runners

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 CT or Rest 4 x 400 IW 3 m run 30 min tempo Rest 4 m run 30 min EZ
2 CT or Rest 5 x 400 IW 3.5 m run 35 min tempo Rest 5 m run 35 min EZ
3 CT or Rest 6 x 400 IW 3.5 m run 35 min tempo Rest 6 m run 35 min EZ
4 CT or Rest 7 x 400 IW 4 m run 40 min tempo Rest 6 m run 40 min EZ
5 CT or Rest 8 x 400 IW 4.5 m run 40 min tempo Rest 7 m run 40 min EZ
6 CT or Rest 8 x 400 IW 4.5 m run 40 min tempo Rest 7.5 m run 45 min EZ
7 CT or Rest 6 x 400 IW 4 m run 40 min tempo Rest 8 m run 45 min EZ
8 CT or Rest 3 m run 40 min tempo run 3 m run Rest Rest 10K Race!



CT = Cross-training/ some other form of physical activity such as biking or swimming
IW = Interval training: 400 m fast followed by a 400 m recovery jog
Tempo = 5/10 min. warm up, race pace, 5/10 min. cool down
EZ = light run/jog

Previous program: Learn to Run 10 K

By contrast, the first time I organized a Sun Run team in 2009, I followed a 13 week training schedule by SportsMed BC promoted by the Vancouver Sun. One was called Learn to Run 10 K and the other was Learn to Run 10 K Faster. I followed the second program since I used to run regularly the past summer and was active through sports.


The program commitment was running 3 days a week with a combination of running/walking and gradually increasing your speed and time.

I followed it very regularly for the first 4/5 weeks, skipped a couple of weeks, and then was right back on it for the last 3 weeks. I was mostly indoors on treadmill and only hit the outdoors for the last 2 weeks.

Vancouver Sun Run – 2009 Lessons Learned

On race day, I felt prepared and excited! However, I made a huge mistake that I will never do again! As you approach the 5 K mark, there’s a fairly steep hill that takes you up over the Burrard street bridge. Many people were walking up this or at the very least, slowing down their pace. What did I do? I charged up that hill determined to speed through and get it over with as soon as possible. Bad move! At the top I felt like I was having a heart attack and then proceeded to walk over the entire Burrard Street bridge. It reminds me of a lesson from one of my first Kinesiology Profs: Don’t be a hero!

In the end, after spending a good kilometer walking and recovering, I finished with a 1 time of 1:04. Considering that my previous Sun Run time was in grade 12 when I walked 80% of the way, I can honestly say I achieved a Personal Best with this 13 week training program!

Back to present day. I’ve being doing the Sun Run for a few years now and sticking to a regular workout schedule.

The 8 week program I’m on now requires a 5 day/week commitment.

It’s not easy but I find having a program to follow or friend to join is very motivating and keeps you on track!

Local 5K Fun Runs

I ran a 5 K fun run a couple of months ago in about 32 minutes so my 10 K is probably around 1:06/7.


Let’s see how much I can improve using this 8 week schedule! There’s a lot more interval training incorporated into this program and a lot more dedication so I’m hoping for some big results!


Please share your training programs, stories and results!


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